Imagine That! I never knew that I had Royal Blood in me!


Across the ocean, many, many miles of ocean, my Roots run deep from Europe. I never even thought about having ancestors from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Finland, Norway, and Holland are some of my ancestors.

I knew that I had been told that I had Norwegian, German, and Moravian in me, but my mother had no idea that our Roots traced all the way back to the the 1300’s. I believed that I descended from poor dirt farmers and peasants. 

All of my ancestors came here Legally, and fought in all of our wars, supported themselves, and never took handouts or expected others to support them or their families. They were proud Americans and they fought for our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. My Linderman ancestors helped to form these United States of America.

They taught me that there was honor in any kind of work, and that God, Country, and Family were most important in life. I was content to know that my ancestors were honest and honorable people. They worked for what they wanted, and did not steal it from others! 

I have joked around about not being royalty but probably a descendant of the slaves. A lot of people want to believe that they descended from royalty, but I accepted the unlikelihood of that being true for me.

Now, in 2017 after thirty years of research, I have found out that I do have royal blood in me. But…it really does not change anything for me. I am royalty…through Jesus Christ…and that is all that is important to me. I am so grateful to have been born into a family that I can be proud of. 



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